Ten Minute Play Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of our Ten Minute Play Contest!
Thank you so much to everyone who entered our first (of many!) ten minute play contest! We received over eight hundred submissions and had hundreds of people participate in the voting for the Dear Reader category. We were so thrilled to see all of the amazing plays that are being written and we can’t wait for our next contest, to see what you create next! Special thanks to our guest judge Paul Lewis who read the final one hundred plays and helped us with the crazy difficult task of selecting one winner in each category. He’s a fantastic writer and a great judge of new work!
The contest winners are:
Dear Reader: The Wall by Rachel Stanford
The Female Anti-Hero: Deflating by Hal Corley
Refurbished Fairy Tales: Fairy Tale by Christopher Lockheardt
A Question of Life and Death: Masha: Conditions in the Holy Land by Andrew R. Heinze
The Not so Distant Future: Pocket Universe by Duncan Pflaster
Deadly Comedies: The MacGuffin by Greg Beam
The Empty Space: Mrs. Paddy Boo by William Spencer Glick
A Night at the Opera: Be More Funny by Eric Lane
All of our winning plays will be featured in an anthology, which will be published later this year. Check back soon for more information and to read these amazing new plays!
Thank you again for all of your fantastic submissions and congratulations to our winning playwrights! 


Do you love to stretch the limits of what is possible on stage? Are you a master of fleshing out characters, building a fascinating arc, plotting an explosive climax that packs a punch… and all of it in ten minutes?  At Independent Play(w)rights we read lots of really incredible ten minute play scripts every month. This month, we want to give masters of the ten minute play script their moment to shine. Send us your ten minute masterpieces for a chance to win a cash prize and publication in our anthology!

The Rules:

1.       Submissions must be no longer than 15 pages long.

2.       You may submit a maximum of one play to each category.

3.       The deadline for submissions is September 30th. Winners will be announced on October 22nd.

4.       All submissions must be submitted electronically.

5.       Submission categories are intentionally broad. Interpret the prompt whatever way you like!


The Categories:

Submissions should fall into one of the following categories: The Female Anti-Hero, Refurbished Fairy Tales, Deadly Comedies, The Empty Space, A Night at the Opera, The Not so Distant Future…, A Question of Life and Death, or Dear Reader. There will be one winner selected from each category. For the final category, Dear Reader, we will select ten finalists and then open up the voting to allow you to choose the winner!

The Prizes:

Winning playwrights will receive $75 and their plays will be featured in an anthology to be published on Independent Play(w)rights. We will be offering the anthology for free on our website and playwrights will share royalties from the sale of performance rights.  Our winning plays will also be at the core of an upcoming contest we will be holding for directors and producers—stay tuned for more information on that!

The Judges:

The early rounds of the contest will be judged by the Independent Play(w)rights staff. In the final determinations we will be joined by our guest judge, Paul Lewis! Paul has published two fantastic ten minute plays with us, Oblivion and Guess What?. We’re looking forward to working with him and reading your fantastic plays!

Paul Lewis is a Seattle-based playwright and composer whose previously staged work includes the musicals The Crossing, Alley Dog (published by YouthPlays), Hail and Reign, The World Below and The Recollection of Flight; Last Poem on Earth, an evening-length choral requiem; and The Announcement, a full-length play.  His ten-minute plays have had a number of stagings around the country, and include Guess What?, which won the Bob and Gail Bosser Audience Choice Award at Fusion Theatre’s short play festival, “The Seven” in 2012.  Paul’s musical The Hours of Life, a Fulton Theatre New Play Discovery Award finalist, was recently workshopped by Seattle’s Theatre22 in preparation for its world premiere in February 2014. He is currently working on a musical adaptation of the children's literature classic, Caps for Sale. Paul is a member of BMI, the Association for Jewish Theatre and the Dramatists Guild of America.

By submitting your play(s) to our contest, you agree to our terms and conditions.


The contest is closed for submissions. The winners will be announced on the 22nd of October.